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The sun is slowly setting after a hot summer day. It's Friday evening, you're ready to start the weekend with your best friends, to forget the everyday life for a moment.
This is the feeling SocksOff wants to create with their music.
Melodic punk rock inspired by blink-182 and Sum 41 is what Phil, Tobi and Niklas have in common and what comes out when the three take their instruments in their hands.  All 3 have already collected some music experience, but unfortunately so far behind closed rehearsal room doors. This should change now.

With melodic vocals, rousing riffs and sometimes even soulful lyrics. Bring the 3 a good variety in the ears of the listeners. The guys have known each other all their lives, but only last year they got together again to accelerate. And to rock their souls out during the pandemic. The timing was perfect, since then the three have been writing new songs without a break. With their first EP "Thursdays" the three will soon be celebrated on stages.

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