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Nino Grandi

Brazilian singer, composer and guitarist from Rio de Janeiro, Nino Grandi, is considered in his homeland as one of "the" representatives of the blues in modern times. Nino, has also produced and played in the past as a sideman for bands of different genres such as rock, soul, metal, hip hop and electronic. Today he is also successful with his solo career. In the last 25 years, whether solo or in a wide variety of band formations, he has played in some of the most important blues festivals and jazz clubs in the world. With a blend of blues, soul and psychedelic rock, he brings his own tones, melodies and personality to the songs no matter what band formation he is in. Nino is one of the founding members of the band "Bulldog", formed in 2002 ("Rio Rock & Blues Club Awards - Best Band of the Year" in two consecutive years - 2008 and 2009). And founding member of the band "Blue Train" founded in 2007. The trio, in 2010 released the album "Nino Grandi & Blue Train Ao Vivo D.O.C." with the strong statement: "The blues is alive and well!". In 2014, the EP entitled "Bad River" was released. "Olho Vivo Awards - Best Clip" for "Bad River Blues" (public vote). Combining traditional folk and refined technique, Nino presents his 2013 (solo) album "Incomum", eccentric songs with "sweet" and spherical acoustic sounds. Now living in Germany, Nino presents his new show "South American Blues" which has already been admired at one festival or another. In 2019 he began recording the long-awaited new album, which will be released in 2023 with a delay due to Covid.

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