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It was 1987 when a singer named Mauro (real name: Mauro Spessot) made the turntables glow and the dance floors foam over with his hit "Buona Sera - Ciao Ciao".

Mauro comes from a musical family from Trieste. His father Dario was an opera singer who even sang at the famous Metropolitan Opera in New York. With the bands "Electric Sun", "Harley" and the disco formation "Mauro & Control Competition" he went touring and reaped his first laurels. Through the acquaintance with the "Relax"-guitarist and solo artist Claus Matthias, who tailored the summer hit "Buona Sera - Ciao Ciao" to Mauro's body and produced it together with sound fox Ferdinand Fürster, Mauro plucked up the courage to take the decisive step into a pop singer's career. Various chart successes followed (e.g. number 1 in Bulgaria and Romania) and many appearances until it gradually became quieter around Mauro. In Russia he performed (together with Sandra, Dieter Bohlen, Boney M, Ricardo Fogli, Weather Girls, F.R. David, Amanda Lear, Toto Cutugno, Savage, etc.) and inspired thousands of Russian fans in the stadiums.
After Mauro did these "magical" performances, he realized: this is the comeback!

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