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From an early age, the entire world of the Mangold brothers, Hendrik Mangold (30) and Lars Mangold (28), has revolved around just one thing: music.

Even at an early age, they spent numerous hours at the piano. The stars of the day, however, were Bach, Chopin and Rachmaninoff. The music lesson burned in, the brothers plunge without further ado to electronic guitars and basses, to bring the walls in the beautiful remedial climatic health resort, Königstein in the Taunus, to shake.
At the age of 14, the first cover rock band "Silence" was founded with two other brothers. Various local newcomer competitions, cover battles and private concerts let Hendrik and Lars taste the blood of live performances early on.

Soon the first demo tapes are recorded and distributed in schools.
At the same time, independently of each other, the Mangolds found their own acoustic cover bands.  "Jendro" and "Press on Regardless" could then support themselves and go on local tour with a set of over three hours. A few years later this plan had worked so well that both bands had united to form "Jendro" - Finest Acoustic Cover Rock from the Rhein-Main area.  Private parties, local pubs, to smaller gigs in Hamburg and Mannheim solidified the five-piece band.

After the one-year Corona break, the two brothers now finally want to express their music and their unique acoustic sound in their own songs. Their role models are Mumford & Sons, AnnenMayKantereit and Joris. Strengthened by years of live performances, different instruments (such as harmonica, accordion, melodica and violin) and shared passion for the cause, there will soon be inveterate Taunus music for your ears.

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