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Firstborn Unicorn

Firstborn Unicorn-the name alone sounds like pure magic, but their music is no magic trick, but a powerful, rousing experience that will knock your socks off. The energetic power trio from Frankfurt am Main has taken the local music scene by storm since its formation in 2016. Now Firstborn Unicorn, consisting of Eric Fogg (Vocals & Guitar), Alusine Khanu (Backings & Bass) and Finn Fenner (Backings & Drums since 2022), has set out to rock the stages of the entire republic.

With their breathtaking live performance on stages at home and abroad, with over 120 shows, they have proven their talent. Highlights have included appearances at prestigious events such as the Blues & Jazz Festival Bamberg, the Museumsuferfest Frankfurt am Main and the Trebur Open Air. Inspired by a wide range of influences, including Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rage against the Machine, MF Doom, Eminem, Bilderbuch, Vulfpeck and many more, they create a unique sound that travels with you.

Firstborn Unicorn is passionately committed to values such as equal rights, self-determination and environmental protection. This is not only reflected in their profound lyrics: The band's cultural backgrounds are just as diverse as their music. Eric has close ties to the USA, Alu has roots in Sierra Leone and Finn brings British influences with him. This cultural fusion shapes their sound as well as their identity. But the best is yet to come!

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