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Bianca Hauert


The singer-songwriter from Frankfurt is a promising newcomer on the German music scene. Her single "Daneben benehmen" already has more than 100,000 streams on Spotify. Several well-known newspapers have already reported on the story behind the song, and Rhein-Main-TV even dedicated a special segment to it. Recently, the Frankfurt native was even allowed to stand on stage with DSDS star Pietro Lombardi. 

Bianca sings of emotions, situations, fears and joys from everyday life, with which one can often identify very well as a listener. Her powerful and warm voice goes straight to the heart, the melodies to the ear. That Bianca likes to paint with words can be heard in her creative and honest lyrics. Her favorite quote by Victor Hugo pretty much sums it up: "Music expresses what can't be said and what it's impossible to be silent about."

This year, for the first time, Bianca is touring with a full band - consisting of guitar, keys, drums and bass. Love for music, passion and playfulness are clearly in the foreground of the musicians. You can see and hear that! From modern pop-rock numbers to soulful ballads, everything is there. So the audience can look forward to a musically colorful performance - also regarding the sound.

The mixture of classical and electronic sounds makes for a very special live experience.

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