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Ballerborsti is a typical "MALLKOHOLIKER"! Landed in 1989 for the first time on the island, he is still regularly at least once or twice a year where the life pulsates - on the Playa in Mallorca. Born in the north of Hessen, the 55-year-old is drawn to the island again and again. Especially in late summer, when the over-50 generation brings the playa to a boil. His stage name is "BallerBorsti". Baller as a reminiscence of the legendary beach promenade of Arenal and Borsti stands for the strong monkey species, the silverback. Based on this, he has currently won several national championships in the bench press. BallerBorsti stands for party music at its best. He wants to entertain first and foremost. Simple lyrics, catchy melodies, dance- and sing-along-ability are among other things the trademark of BallerBorsti's songs.
In summary, the "type" BallerBorsti is a broad-shouldered baldy with stage presence, a distinctive dark voice as well as a relaxed, sympathetic charisma.

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