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Admiral Camilla

We raise the flag for ADMIRAL CAMILLA to cross the dirty Rock'n Roll. The experienced crew is ready to set sail together since the beginning of 2009 and has already experienced some adventures since then. Their harbor is Mainhatten, from where they carry out their dirty and punchy hard rock.

ADMIRAL CAMILLA play fresh, varied and horny hardrock without compromise, where the influences of rock'n roll and blues are unmistakable ... SIMPLY ROCK - HARD - LOUD!!!!

With a new line-up and new material, Admiral Camilla is really stepping on the gas again since 2018. At the Emergenza competition they made it to the Hessen finals, and the RADIO BOB! Stage at the Open Doors Festival was the next big highlight.

Soon you can buy the new album "Always on the road" on the download portals.

Let there be rock...!

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